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Soundabout Families


Developed to be 'mobile first', the website features a large audio/video section presented as a set of sortable, multi-level 'cards'.

Website visitors can use these cards to select from various levels and listen to audio or watch music videos. Additionally, all 'card pages' are synced with QR-Codes that have been placed onto accompanying printed cards.

Behind the scenes there is a comprehensive practitioner booking system enabling family members to book online and physical slots with music practitioners. Family members can register for services via an integrated CRM booking form.

The website is managed via WordPress and the unique artwork has been beautifully illustrated by The website was designed in partnership with Frieze Design.

Tags: Bespoke Design, Responsive, QR Cards, Filters, Booking System, CRM Integration, Audio, Video, SEO, WordPress CMS, Learning Disabilities, Music Therapy.

Specialised music services for young children and young adults who have profound and multiple disabilities.
Photo: courtesy of Soundabout.


Features & screenshots

The site features specially developed audio and video files. The music and video files can be navigated via sets of 'Soundabout cards'. Cards are organised by type and level. Artwork has been beautifully illustrated by Victoria Furze.

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Soundabout Families Screenshot


Drop-down menu

Primary navigation is handled by a device friendly drop-down menu.

Soundabout Families Screenshot


Music Cards

'Music cards' are designed to hold a short message a unique hand drawn graphic and a link to accompanying resources.

Soundabout Families Screenshot


Help page

Help pages have been developed to enable families and carers use the interactive 'Soundabout cards'.

Soundabout Families Screenshot


Audio Players

Pages can hold any number of MP3 files. The sound players have been configured to only allow one to play at a time.

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