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Annual report, campaign single-page websites

Is your campaign or appeal message getting lost in the noise of your busy website?

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What is a campaign microsite?

What is a campaign microsite?

A campaign or appeal microsite is an expertly designed, single-page website created to serve as a powerful, standalone promotional tool. It can be accessed either from a parent website or directly through a unique domain name. With its impressive range of features, lightning-fast performance, and seamless responsiveness, a microsite is tailored to cater to your campaign's specific requirements.

To maintain a unified visual identity, each microsite is meticulously branded to align with your charity's distinctive image and main website. This ensures a cohesive and immersive experience for visitors, reinforcing your organisation's identity and values.

Visit our dedicated micro-site Watch our 2 minute explainer

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Campaign target

Sharing your campaign progress

A bold, animated bar graph can be placed anywhere on the page and easily adjusted via your CMS. With this innovative feature, you can effectively showcase your target goal and display the real-time progress of your campaign's donations.

In addition, we recognise the significance of social media in maximizing the visibility of your campaign. That's why we will make the process sharing your campaign website across popular social media platforms.

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Campaign donations

Campaign donations

Harness the power of a campaign microsite to effortlessly establish a streamlined donation system with suggested amounts. Integrate popular payment platforms like PayPal or Just Giving for a hassle-free experience.

With our user-friendly content management system (CMS), you have complete control. Customise your microsite with captivating images, compelling copy, and create persuasive donation buttons that resonate with your supporters.

Embrace the versatility of PayPal by accommodating both one-time contributions and regular monthly payments. Your campaign gains the flexibility to receive ongoing support, empowering you to achieve lasting impact.

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Charts and Graphs

Graphs, charts and tables

Easily present a transparent overview of your organisation's annual expenditure, auditor reports, and financial statements. These visual representations serve as powerful tools to convey information effectively.

Tailoring the display to your specific needs, you have the flexibility to incorporate graphs and charts either as static images or dynamic, interactive HTML components. Static images provide a concise snapshot of the data, while interactive and animated elements bring a captivating dimension to your reports, enabling stakeholders to engage with the information in an immersive manner.

By leveraging these visual aids, you can ensure clarity, accessibility, and engagement, allowing your audience to grasp the financial performance and impact of your charity with ease.

Depending on your requirements, graphs and charts can be placed onto the page as images or interactive, animated html components.

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Campaign video

Campaign films and podcasts

Enhance your campaign with seamless multimedia integration. Experience the power of embedding and playing videos and audio directly from your microsite.

Immerse your audience by seamlessly integrating videos from popular platforms like Vimeo or Youtube. Choose to embed them within specific sections of your page or opt to play video from a captivating pop-up-modal.

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Update your data

Repeat, refresh and reuse!

Ready to embark on a new appeal or campaign? Our intuitive CMS empowers you to effortlessly modify and update every section of your microsite. Enjoy the flexibility of tailoring content on a project-by-project basis.

It’s quick, easy and most importantly, a highly cost-effective way to launch a new online appeal or campaign.

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Campaign galleries and success stories

Success stories and image galleries

Elevate your online presence effortlessly with a responsive campaign image gallery. With just a few simple steps, you can showcase your projects, campaigns, and success stories in a visually captivating manner. Seamlessly upload your photos via the intuitive CMS, and watch as your content comes to life, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

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Feature-rich, fast and responsive, micro-sites are customised to meet your specific campaign needs.
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Not just for charity campaigns

We also design single-page conference and annual report micro-sites!

These micro-sites include pretty much all the 'bells and whistles' needed for a typical Conference or Annual Report website. They include a CMS, CMS training and two months of free website maintenance and support.

Let's discuss your Microsite

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Conference Demo

Conference Demo


Featuring: animated graphs & charts, tables, audio, tables, video, maps

Annual Report Microsite screenshot

Annual Report Demo

Annual Report Demo


Featuring: ticket purchasing, audio players, video gallery, schedule tables, maps