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Bag Books

Bag Books provides multi-sensory books and storytelling for people with severe or profound and multiple learning disabilities. for lines of text keeps things balanced.

Bag Books

Bag Books

About the website

The Bag Books website is a vibrant, bespoke, responsive website featuring e-commerce, interactive navigation maps, news, a dedicated donation page and lots of soft curves! It looks great on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Visitors can easily purchase books and related training material via the easy to use and very colourful Bookshop section. Everything is managed via a simple, yet powerful opensource CMS.

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Tags: Bespoke Design, E-commerce, Learning Disabilities, Books, Responsive, Web Forms, Video Media, Google Maps, SEO, CMS, Learning Disabilities, Books.

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Bag Books

A somewhat unusual online bookshop

Each book is handmade in a workshop by a team of skilled craft artists and volunteers and takes approximately seven hours to make. The online bookstore is managed via Malcart and payments made via PayPal.

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T: 01747 832243. M: 07842 599 354
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