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SEO: Rocket science or a mysterious dark-art?

It's essential that your website ranks well in search engine results. To achieve this, we will build SEO right into the very foundations of your website.


SEO: Rocket science or a mysterious dark-art?

It does not require a degree in rocket science or even knowledge of some mysterious, dark-art to get your website listed on the primary search engines. It does, however, require a good understanding of your target audience, some carefully crafted copy, and an overview of how search engines like 'Google' operate.

It is possible to bolt on SEO after the site has been launched, however, this is likely to be fairly time consuming, costly and not always effective. Good search engine optimisation needs to begin early, preferably at the website planning and development stage.

It's also essential that your website loads fast and is built with a Content Management System that can manage all aspects of your SEO plan.

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