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Celtic Care

Celtic Care Services is a Wiltshire based home care provider, specialising in providing a wide range of domiciliary care services to individuals who require support to enable them to enjoy living independently in their own home.

Celtic Care

Celtic Care

About the website

Celtic Care is a small 'brochure' style website featuring rotating masthead images with corresponding overlay text, both can be managed via the CMS.

The site also offers pages covering funding, services, and support. Additionally, the sites features online payments via Payatrader and 'pop-up' live support via Money Penny. Celtic Care is a responsive site and is managed via an open source CMS.

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Tags: Bespoke Design, Responsive, Rotating Masthead Images, Live Support, Online Payments, Google Maps, SEO, CMS.

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Celtic Care

Chunky, stylised tabs

Like the SIH website, the primary navigation is tabbed based. The 'on-state' is styled to be large and bold, the drop-shadow help to give the illusion that the tab is 'popping off' the page.

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