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A website for the Milton Keynes based charity MK Money Lifeline


MkMoney approached us with a request to revitalise their previous static website, transforming it into a cutting-edge, user-friendly platform that's not only easy to update but also a breeze to manage.

We gladly excepted this challenge, orchestrating a comprehensive overhaul of the website. This involved introducing fresh typography, a vibrant colour palette, high-quality photography, thoughtful content chunking, and a robust Content Management System (CMS).

Our primary aim was to cater to a specific audience geographically located in the Milton Keynes area. After learning about the unique needs of the target audience, we meticulously designed the website to be engaging, exuding positivity, and brimming with valuable content and downloadable resources.

Recognising that a significant portion of visitors would be accessing the site from mobile devices, we made responsive design a top priority. This ensured an optimal user experience across a wide array of devices, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

The website is expertly managed through ProcessWire, further enhancing its efficiency and ease of upkeep.

Tags: Bespoke Design, Responsive, Rotating Masthead Image, Search, Web Forms, Instagram, Social Media, Interactive Map, SEO, Milton Keynes.

Hot air balloons
MK Money Lifeline: Free, confidential, impartial debt advice for the city of Milton Keynes.
Photo: courtesy MK Money.


Features & screenshots

The new website showcases tabbed Google maps, providing convenient access to contact details for MkMoney's two drop-in centres. We also integrated an Instagram feed to keep visitors updated and engaged with the organisation's activities. In addition, we developed dedicated fundraising and donation pages.

To align with MkMoney's brand identity, we incorporated their signature green and blue colours throughout the website. The mobile-friendly navigation ensures smooth and intuitive browsing on any device. To simplify ongoing management, we implemented ProcessWire as the CMS, allowing the organisation to easily update and maintain their content.

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Homepage screenshot


Identity and Branding

The signature green and blue colours throughout the website.

Google Map screenshot


Interactive Google Maps

The maps provide convenient access to contact details for MkMoney's two drop-in centres.

Instagram screenshot

Instagram Feed

Social Media Feed

To keep visitors updated and engaged an Instagram news feed was included on the homepage.

History timeline screenshot

History Timeline

Branded Timeline

The timeline is green and blue following the charity's branding guidelines.

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