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A well-crafted atheistic website footer holds significant importance in enhancing the overall user experience.

The importance of a great website footer

Posted: 8 January 2024 Posted by: Leeroy Lugg. Share via: /

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The underused and underestimated website footer plays a vital role in enhancing your visitor user experience as it can contain a host of information and other useful content. It also acts as an anchor point, clearly signalling to the visitor that they have reached the bottom of your page.

Here are a few reasons why you should always include a well-designed website footer.

Navigation and Key Pages: The footer is an ideal space to reinforce page navigation and links to key pages. Use the space to list the primary pages of your site or links to pages that's not included in the page navigation such as copyright, privacy and website map pages. For websites with extensive pages or complex structural hierarchy, integrating a summary site map or a list of quick links into the footer can significantly help users locate specific content swiftly.

Contact Information: Don't make your visitors hunt for ways to contact you. Instead, always include your contact details, such as your physical address, email address, and social media links in your footer. This will ensure that no matter what page is being viewed, your contact details are always available. This not only improves transparency but also signals that you consider good communication an important factor with your audience.

Copyright and Legal Info: The footer is a perfect place to display your copyright notice and links to privacy and terms & conditions pages.

Branding and Identity: The footer offers an opportunity to reinforce brand consistency. It's a good place to reintroduce your logo, use brand colours, and add your tagline.

Newsletters and Social Media: The footer can also serve as a section to encourage user engagement and add calls-to-action. Take advantage of this space by displaying a newsletter sign-up form and integrating social media icons.

Summary: Try to optimise your website footer for maximum impact. Design it carefully, focusing on navigation, contact details, legal info, site maps, branding, and calls-to-action. Your visitors will appreciate it!

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