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Neil Weerdmeester


The website was created using "Folio," one of Suspire Media's affordable, customisable start-up packages.

These packages make it possible for individuals, businesses, and organisations to have a professional website designed within a smaller budget.

Neil's website serves as a virtual gallery where visitors can explore various digital galleries featuring his work. The galleries are presented using a masonry-style photo grid, and clicking or tapping on each image brings up a larger, overlayed image. Each overlayed image is accompanied by extra details such as the painting title and a brief summary.

In addition to the galleries, the website features videos, blog posts, Google Maps, and other related pages. The primary navigation uses a fixed style that stays in place as visitors scroll down the page. The website is responsive, ensuring that it looks and functions great across a range of desktop and handheld devices.

Suspire Media supported Neil with sourcing a hosting company that met his budgetary requirements, domain name registration and full CMS training

Neil maintains the site uses ProcessWire, a fast, open-source and user-friendly CMS that doesn't require expensive monthly maintenance.

Features: Startup Package Design, Galleries, Responsive Design, Accessible Drop Down Menu, Typography, Web Forms, Google Maps, SEO, SSL, CMS.

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Abstract Art.
London based British artist Neil Weerdmeester's highly textured works draw his viewer in to investigate the very act of painting.
Photo: courtesy of Neil Weerdmeester.
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