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Sharon Rich, Therapist

Sharon Rich is a Holistic Therapist specialising in emotional support and stress relief. She has been practising professionally and personally for over 20 years.

Sharon Rich, Therapist

Sharon Rich, Therapist

Identity and website design

We started the project by identifying stock photography that reflected the nature of Sharon's work. A range of colours were sampled from the primary image and a soothing, yet vibrant website palette was created.

The website itself features responsive design, full-screen photography, services section, price-lists and an on-line booking system. To accompany the website, we also created a professional set of stylish business cards.

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Features: Identity, Business Cards, Bespoke Design, Responsive Design, Accessible Drop Down Menu, Typography, Web Forms, Google Maps, SEO, Google Analytics, EU Cookie Bar, SSL, CMS, Therapy.

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Sharon Rich, Therapist

Muli and Poppins fonts

We have used the beautiful geometric sans serif typeface 'Poppins' for page headings and the minimalist Sans Serif typeface 'Muli' as a body font. The combination of these highy legibility fonts makes reading on-line text a joy!

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